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 4 years ago | Permalink
"Some restrictions are better than getting your limbs blown up in the subway tube."
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"All the people concerned about stray dogs should adopt atleast one stray dog if they are not hypocrites."
 4 years ago | Permalink
"Idiots destroying their own (public) property."
 4 years ago | Permalink
"With China having trouble with jihadists in Xinxiang and India too having problems with jihadists they dont wanna import more potential trouble. Onus lies on muslim majority countries like pakistan malaysia and Indonesia who claim to be guardians of Islam."
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"Same thing happened in India with brutal campaigns of Babar Gauri Tamur Abdali Aurangzeb etc and it has been happening around the world for 1400 years now. But history will keep on repeating itself unless we recognize this menace and commit ourselves to terminate it for once and all."
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