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"@GangsOfnagpur: One day your hate will consume you. But I am sure you will blame that on Modi too... BTW congrats Kartik Chandran!"
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"@Anonymous: This country always had it this bad, even worse...Don't romanticize the past please."
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"@PARVIN PATEL: There has been a murder for rumors and hate. Now you are propagating hate and rumor against BJP. Don't you see, how stupid you are?"
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"@Anonymous: Libtards like you disgust me as much as religious nuts!"
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"Mr. Nazir Masoodi, sorry for being skeptical here. But this piece seems more like glorification of "generous" moslems than actual truth. "...the militancy-related exodus of 1990"???Really??? No responsibility of the neighbours? But still, I am an optimist and would hope that it is more than a glorifying piece."
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