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"Let's face reality, whether he committed the crime or not the justice will take its course for deciding on that, but had he been supporting BJP or Congress, he would have not been even highlighted for his family conflicts linked to the party name. Everyone knows this, and this the reality which no one can deny subconsciously."
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"Even I, as a common man demand clarity on what exactly have been achieved by our PM from various foreign trips, curious Indian. Nothing wrong in asking, and its my fundamental right to question elected government."
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"Good job sir. Education is the only option for improvement of our society and systems. May this policy reaches at the doorstep of really deserving people."
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"lets for a moment stop comparing what ex-governments did and stop justifing the moves of present government w.r.t to historical events! This is wastage of time and of no use.
The main point is, whether it is allowed a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government to give report to an NGO or Samajik Parties? e.g. If tomorrow I make one public party (non govt.) then is it possible that whole Cabinet will summon their report card in a coordination meet with us?
The answer must be very clear in everyone's mind..."
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"this article touches every fact...must read and think about... Obviously some of us will ignore Mani Shank article being opposition. I am in opposition too, but when I read this article, it has real facts..."
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