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"I too have known Kiran Bedi for a while and was an admirer of her Police work . However , There is no denying that she is a egotistical , self centered , self promotional women and a tyrant , many a time who cannot take criticism nor does she welcomes a voice of dissent which is important in a democracy especially as a leader to get things done .
It is more "I and Me" in her vocabulary than anyone I know . The statements she made in the town meeting about Mr Arvind Kejriwal wer..."
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"This was long time coming and those who are surprised are from Planet Mars. Australia, Indonesia and South Korea will come to regret it because China does not forget easily ."
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""India is not terribly kind to strong -willed, outspoken women" . Isn't the expression "terribly kind" an oxymoron. Those two words do not jive well together . terribly unkind , may be ."
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"Why is it that the RTI do no apply to both parties for Campaign Finance and their sources , transparency , the recent corruption charges and the role of 1% influence to swing the elections and policies. The 1.5 Trillion $$ in foreign Banks which should rightfully come to Indian Treasury to built better infrastructure for the 99% . The accountability , checks & balances , consequences upon violation . Public health System , education etc.
Many such important questions were left alone and ..."
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