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"I am glad that the Government took notice of the people's protest and presented a sensible reply in the Court. I hope they will do the same in future."
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"You make sense this time, Ashutosh. Well written. I would never support any kind of restriction on media, but they have to learn to behave themselves or eventually nobody would take them seriously."
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"Impressive vision and I hope he does his part in encouraging other media houses too to value quality of what they produce and be responsible. This will earn them the respect that true journalism deserves."
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"The starting paragraph, which sets the tone of an article, tries to criticize the Central Govt. instead of discussing their own fissures within the party. Word play can not fool common man and sooner than later, you will be held accountable. Feeling very sorry about what is happening in AAP. And above all, I despise this Ashutosh. AAP never needed Ashutosh and such dirty minds."
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"@Praveen: Itne paise me itna hi milta hai. This will probably launch in India in the sub-7000 range. A value-for-money product from a trusted company is worth the admiration. My only gripe is with the display resolution. They have increased the size while keeping the same old resolution."
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