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"Mr Siddaramiah is not new to Faux Pas's! He is used to commit one every week, to say the least. There may be weeks or even days, when he will favour you with a second one."
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"Automobiles to be tested @ 24 km/h for frontal crash! SIAM must be joking. We are not talking about crashes on the city roads. On city roads, particularly in the Metros in India, they hardly reach a speed of 35 to 40 km/h, due to high density of traffic. But the Frontal Crashes occur the most on the Highways, where the modern automobiles travel at an average speed anywhere between 55 to 80 km. And if they are not manufactured to this safety standard, the Indian automobiles will not find takers, ..."
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"24 km/h, SIAM must be joking. Even a bullock cart or a horse driven carriage may travel at a speed higher than this. We are talking here of automobiles, which cost almost 50 times higher than these two forms of transport and at an average speed of 50 to 80 km/h on the highways. And the frontal crash is more damaging, particularly on the highways. I certainly hope, the Govt. will not give in to this self-serving and evasive lobbying by the SIAM. Industry lobbies are doing enough damage to the co..."
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"Yes, Article 370 of the Constitution is obviously becoming an impediment for the Indian investors and industrialists who may wish to participate in the development of the state, as long as the threat of separatists hijacking the state prevails with the one-sided provisions of the Article 370. Just as the people of GDR pulled down the Berlin Wall, let the people of J&K themselves pull down the Article 370, which is preventing their cultural assimilation into the globalised India."
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"Because we are a nation of Idol Worshippers, not just the religious idols but the Political Idols. And these Political Idols as well as their "Heirs" always have the fear of being dethroned in the event of declassification of secrets."
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