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"I listened with rapt attention to Modiji's speech for over an hour. And how!Spellbound,mesmerized.Many have described it as brilliant,passionate,heart to heart,Spontaneous,spirited,visionary.It was all of it and much more.
It was surprising that even his worst critics, the vitriolic, hostile critics conceded graciously "You have to give it to the man!"They were cautious not to even appear critical of such a great oration, such a great speech.
After being swept away and far, I t..."
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"Let us remember we are honouring a great son of India whom we failed to honor in time.He has made a tremendous contribution.In a way we owe our existence as one unfissured nation to Sardar.

What about crores lost in wilful corruption?What about leaders who honour themselves with not one but 500 statues?

Pity only the cost is considred not the culture of honoring our ancestors in ways we know how.

There could be points of view.it could be a polite debate.not one of vitriol as we witnessed."
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