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"Very well expected after Pakistan's recent Prithvi Test. Just saw a news of Indian kids dying of hunger.. is this competition justified?"
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"China by making various moves instigates its mostly poor neighbors to invest more and more in defence leading to a precarious economic situation in years to come. As their economic resources are wasted in military assets with no return, their future spending capability drops even further. However, China manages its defence spend as a percentage of its GDP at a very manageable level. Technological obsolesence will take care of the rest while China enjoys the fastest drawing-board-to-usage time."
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"A nuclear powered submarine or ship can be built, but the problem is the risk of a runaway nuclear reactor at the bottom of an Indian port, Considering the way Russian builds things and Indians operate them I would be having second thoughts about this entire idea. Is this the sub where 22 men have already died from an accident. ?"
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