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"My respects & homage to the dadimaa, I grew up watching. Feel saddened at your demise. Hope you find peace. Miss you grandmaa !"
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"I'm very found of Indian culture...however imagine each MP trying figure out which feet to bow too & which not, probably an exhausting task before they start office. So a very welcome statement! 2 cents ...if the PM could also add that other ostentatious acts like presenting Sumo-sized garland of flowers & money, personal usage of government vehicles & staff, etc must be reduced and probably could go a long way in the image makeover of our politician cadre..."
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"At the outset, I'm glad that the government is considering to revise & update the IMV Act. While it's good that they would study the model of 6 countries which probably have similar or different driving habits and conditions as compare to us...but I'm a bit surprised that no such similar activity has ever been done before. 2 problems that concern me...these studies don't become indefinite foreign tours for our officials & secondly the reports if drafted don't become the hunting g..."
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"Akilesh has become a punching bag btw the secular Netaji & his electorate. My 2 cents to Netaji, off-course you need tall leaders to represent what you stand for..but please read the pulse of the nation. We need someone much more than a puppet. So please take a back seat with your brothers & relatives...and let your son do his job !"
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"Thank you NDA can breath easy !"
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