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"@Anonymous: If you are so pained and worried about such thousands, what the hell MILLIONS enjoying their life over there and reaping the life time benefits gained because of oil rich Arabs....."
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"WHY this "Muslim" tag hip-hola all of a sudden making headlines in the media??? The other day it was for job and today its for a flat!!!

Didn't know about the jobs, but through out India, there may be thousands of people who would be denied something or the other for being a Muslim. Nothing new in it.

UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND this special coverage/mention to so-called SELECT MUSLIM(s)."
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"@harsha: Well, I do not know about U as an individual. But your stupid, ignorant and out of the box comment tells about U...

Plz. don't be so eager and hasty to make unwarranted comments. If at all its in your instinct, then get proper knowledge n information before making any such idiotic comments."
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"I really wonder on the stupidity of people with an Anti-Islamic mindset! If such stupids are so averse to Muslims and Islam, why do they shamelessly go the Islamic countries for their livelihood!!!

They should opt for some other countries where they don't find Islam!!! It shouldn't be like JIS THALI MEIN KHAYA USEE MEIN CHED KIYA..."
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"If the comment(s) made by the person as alleged are true, then the treatment given to him is far less in comparison to his filthy comment.

It is absolutely justified on the part of the group in that case..."
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