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"Centres' role is to obtain report from the state power as law and order is a state subject under the Constitution. At best the Home Ministry can request the Chief Secy of the concerned state to expedite the reply. Bringing Modi into every death of a citizen anywhere in India & viewed under the prism of religion to carry out media trial and pass judgements is juvenile & irresponsible journalism and does not conform to standards of the `Broadcasting Council of India' to pai..."
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"जनाब फारूक साहब ने `..."
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"When Congress was in power,they appointed their cronies to key posts in pursuance of their sickular agenda. Likewise BJP is appointing their favourites to top slots. That appointments are being made subjectively is nothing new in this sickular Vs saffron conflict. Infact, this has only polarised elements for a tit for tat agenda. That country comes first, has been lost in this bitter war. There is no dearth for talent in this country . It is rather unfortunate that everything is done to further ..."
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"We are so much used to freebie culture, that we need to grow up as a nation.There is no free lunch. If one Govt. department has rendered some service, it is just seeking reimbursement for same. That's an accounting procedure to understand the cost involved in an operation like that. Cost accountancy as a subject of accountancy is a tool for arriving at cost estimates for any job and helps in budgeting funds for future contingency planning. Question arises only when CAG alleges irregularities as ..."
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