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"With utmost respect to Madam Shobha De,My diagnosis is that She suffer from delusion of GRANDEUR. This commentator does not consider her a Journalist as she lacks credentials. Yet she comes on so many News panels and frankly I am yet to hear from her any thought provoking commentary. My guess is she has some complex and she just wants to show off.Equally I am concerned as to why NDTV invites so called Journos like her and M. Shankar Aiyar to write their stupid blog.
Just read the comments for b..."
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"Mr.M S Aiyar: Smriti Irani may not have a college degree,however she speaks with confidence and has the command on both English and Hindi language that many PhD's do not. Further more She has a very analytical mind and commanding presence.

You claim to have many educational qualifications and I dare you to debate her on any subject.She will beat you every time and by miles.

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"@Sarika Bhatia: You are spot on about the Congress in Delhi and if they continue on this path they will be a Big ZERO in Lok Sabha Elections of 2019"
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"The author of the Op.Ed. is an Arrogant Snob. Just because he went to St. Stephen college he thinks he owns the english language. Once he derided Mr.Ajay Maken for attending Hansraj college.As is very obvious to all the political pundits that unless the Congress gets rid of the Gandhi's its political future is bleak. The AAP is a new kid on the block,let us see how they fulfill the tall promises they have made.It is unlikely that AAP will emerge as a National Party"
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"@: Mr. Anonymous,Have Guts and reveal your identity. Looks like you are a paid agent of M S Aiyar"
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