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"We have been told that "saffron clad sadhus" and sadhvis"are persons who have renounced the world and are totally devoted to God!How comes they become makers of medicines and MPs and Ministers!"
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"Mr. Prasad forgets that in the last Lok Sabha elections BJP did not contest as a "single party"!Along with 22 allies it fought under the banner of NDA only!BJP only won all time high 282 seats out of 427 contested!Its vote share is 31% only! That means 69% voters did NOT vote for it!Then,how could he call it a a most popular mandate of the people?
With a view to rationalize and humanize the land acquisition for socio-economic development of the nation,Congress brought about the..."
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"The suggestion of Sanjay Raut made me recall a school drama where some persons carried one youngman writhing in pain.The doctor asked :"What is the matter"?One replied :"A case of Snake bite"!The doctor:" Where did the snake bite"? They replied :"In the foot"!The doctor jumped from his seat and said"The poison should not go to his head,so squeeze his throat"!"
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"Dr. D.V.Gandhi ha to be congratulated for calling the much ado made about differences among senior party leaders as "PETTY RESOLVABLE DIFFERENCES"only! Vested interests have availed the opportunity to dislodge "the founding fathers of the party" that too in a highly questionable manner!It is time that third parties bring them together and solve the issues reasonably!"
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"Ashutoshji!How many letters would you publish to establish that the dropping of PB,YY and others is "justifiable'!The efforts to cover-up a simple case of "Cash of Principles" has been dexterously turned into"Challenge to the authority of the Big Boss"!The guiding principle in taking any disciplinary action against a member is that "an opportunity is given to that member to explain and answer the charges against him"!Were theygiven ..."
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