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"No one should play politics over such incidents and Rahul will play politics please remind him about Sukanya and Sunanda and ask him to keep his mouth shut, and let policie and law work independentaly"
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"Every channels said that BJP is going to sweep in Delhi MCD. If it was not in 67 Seats in Delhi, in Bihar, or in Punjab how it can be in UP or Delhi? this is just a hypocrisy of Arvind Kejriwal having big head weight and no reasonable argument and delivery."
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"Choice of title of this article shows the mentality of yours approach and journalism, All the best with that"
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"Why should he give proof to you, Country know what Modi ji is and Indian Army is capable of. If it not happened what is your problem what if happened what is your problem, You please carry on cheap politics and vidhava vilap."
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