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"why we are always leaning to please the foreign countries when we will learn to live on our own ideas?Why always borrow western ideas ,way of life,fashion,why this craving ?everything we try to follow western and we believe they are genuine.

Even accept out neighbor terrorist country actors to act in our Hindi movies singers to sing here ,where as nobody is is invited or allowed act in Pak movies.Why always surrendering mind? compromising situation?

Let me get some responses."
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"Every time its not important to see whats the value in it.Its our moral duty of retaining our ancient culture and language attached our civilization.

I want to see a mid path like Let Germany make some actions to support Sanskrit and Yoga in their in Germany so we also keep German with our Kendriya Vidyalayas.Its always both end

My serious question for all what German is learnt boy will do will Germany gives a job opportunity?"
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