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"The Guy is old and can not strap his own Shoe. Is he eligible to be in the cabinate. i think Mr. Suryanarayan Patra you should take initiative and release the old man from his duties and ask him to rest and pray the almighty and spend his time with his kinds. Just do not serve us. It will be an insult to people of Odhisa to have his services at this age.

Will you take the initiative?"
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"Dear Susheel,

In your statement you say they were offering Namaz to Yakub Menon. So how he became a anti national. Whats wrong with that. Who are you to brand them as anti national. Dear Susheel Criticizing Govt Policy does not make any one anti national. Courts are their to decide who is a national Hero and who is anti national. More than 1 Lakh people were present during Yakub Menon last rites. So all of them are anti national. In Kashmir People in large nos attend last rites of Terrorists. ..."
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"Though Indian Is a Supper Power in Cricket is still some how ruled by the whites. You can see in past Sub continent Players Mainly Indian's get punished for their behavior but the same is not applicable for Aus, ENG, SA and NewZeland. Mainly Aus players always get lesser punishment.

And their is Mr. Dave Richardson, Anti indian cricket administer. i always have this curiosity how he was selected to such a high [position.

I completely agree with Virat is if we play poor our players have issue..."
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"Dear Aamir.

Sorry Today You disappointing me for the Second Time."
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"Sir Ji, Peheli Bat, what ever you is Mis Interpreted. So Keep your Mouth for Only eating.

No 2. In hindi there is a famous proverb " Crow is very Intelligent but generally ends up eating Shi....."

Indian is Shining on its own strength just exclude your self from taking credit.

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