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"I visited Laxman Jhoola way back in 1972. It was so crystal clear. Now in pursuit of 'x'factor? even if they succeed,the jal would be useful for medicine purposes."
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"See the difference between the two leaders. Arvind's one liner advice to the exam appearing students and the last week's hours together waste of time,useless man ki baat on radio."
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"@Anselmo Rosa: Yes, i agree with u. they don't have any ego problem. in fact they are such a mighty conviction to bring the change that the rest frightened.Hence all the dirty tricks they would play to weaken the movement called AAP."
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"There are no agencies to check what's going on in Delhi right @ this moment.Loads of liquor found at BJP supporters premises and reported by AAP. No response yet either from police or EC."
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"Abe's reaction but natural. Japan is a mature country. They earned it in a hard way."
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