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"Wish he was right but sir final mean Jane ke like the team has to perform. Accept for dhoni who had the winning passion in the team. It looked like an already defeated team. Have to say this with a v heavy heart"
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"Hi India would have def. performed better if they had concentrated on the game. Half the team was busy in ishqbaazi. Shameful performance by top league batsmen like kohli,Raina. 100/4 now dhoni must alone take the team to victory!. Now they will play sum stupid series against sum xyz country & be heroes again"
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"Aisa an ho after some time 10 rs ka bhi na rahe. Because with his strangest form of voting politics and anticry God knows where he's gonna land into."
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"This is regarding the recent uproar by the congress party in the Lok Sabha. This makes one thing clear about the cong. For sure that neither they did anything nor they want anyone else to do something constructive for the nation as well. In a way they should rather stay more out the session can do some productive work which they have not done in years."
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