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"Speaking as practical person, it is impossible to completely eradicate the use of plastic and we should start at an individual household level to slowly work our way to a plastic-free future.

Substitutes can be used for countless plastic products.

Glass bottles can replace plastic bottles.

Reusable shopping bags are a practical approach to obliterating the use of plastic bags at markets and groceries.

'Liquid wood' is a bio-polymer that can replace a lot of plastic products everywhere."
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"Speaking as a very practical person, it is very evident that we cannot truly eradicate the use of plastic in our lives altogether at once. So why not take small steps and use substitutes for many plastic items? Instead of finding one material that can obliterate the use of all plastic, why no replace day-to-day plastic items with other materials?

Instead of using plastic bottles, an incredibly efficient substitute would be glass bottles.

Reusable shopping bags. We all know about this one, but ..."
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