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"@Anonymous: Still a much better choice than 'Gau Mata economists' (Read: RSS favourites)"
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"Krishi kalyan tax (half percent) will be another blow to already paralyzed real estate sector. I was planning to buy a house by next year. Now I will have to shell out extra 1% on stamp duty (1/2 % on Swachh tax and another 1/2 % on Krishi Kalyan tax). Mr.Jaitley, this is unfair to say the least"
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"It is becoming like Tur Dal episode of last festival season. Tur dal prices sky-rocketed to Rs 260 per kg from Rs 120-140 and then after nearly a month of non-intervention and allowing the traders license to loot, the Govt. brought down the prices to current levels of around Rs 200-220. They may be trying the same trick in this case too!"
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"Excellent initiative but after few months the paintings will become dirty or fade away and nobody will bother."
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"Pakistan and Bangladesh are hugely Muslim majority nations. If we all come together, the percentage of Hindus in the combined nation will come down below 70%. Already many Hindu groups are screaming that percentage of Hindus have come down below 80%. Peace will become a mirage for Indians."
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