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"@sujay: FYI "In 2000, the Vajpayee Government set up a committee headed by Asim Dasgupta, the (Finance Minister of the Government of West Bengal) to design a model for GST and oversee IT preparations.[6][7]"

The above statement is from wikipedia. check your facts first."
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"@ravi: the point is ravi, even well before chidambaram everybody knew that fact but NDA implemented it, which matters the most right?.

its like me saying all govt officials not to take bribes and say it was my idea."
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"Practically speaking for RG if he needs to achieve what Rana suggested, he should come out of congress. Indian youth no longer buy the concept of one family controlling a national party. They must democratically elect leaders (not name sake elections) and encourage internal critique by members."
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"@lives lives: BJP will win again if elections held u think people vote for Rahul/AK. they dont match modi in anyway let alone performance."
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"- 98% of school toilets completed were within a year
- 14 crore of bank accounts opened
- No communal disharmony as accused before elections
- Investor sentiment restored
- Direct benefits transfer implemented
- 19billion FDI received (59% jump from last year)
- MUDRA Bank for financing 6 crore small vendors and businesses
- more than Rs 3 lakh crore have already been generated from coal auctions
....these are not Jumlas these are facts. i haven't mentioned several schemes (eg. PMKSY, ma..."
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