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"This is a great recipe .I haven't had authentic Kheer ,but this is great"
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"I tried this and my kids liked it very much"
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"Guys telangana is just two year old like new baby,still made it to number one

I am proud of my cm and ktr

Hyd has best infrastructure in India"
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"foolish government know only to fool people and good for nothing

shame on you guys"
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"It is surprising to see that how the Congress is playing game with the Country . Congress lost the election and they could not digest this as their corruption is coming out one by one and they do not know how to hide their corruption line they shut the door of one and others open and that is the reason that they have started to play with democracy in Rajya sabha and Lok sabha . Their march to save the democracy is nothing but it is march to save Congress from the clutches of a Law and may be p..."
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