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"Too chunky"
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"Modi may have spoken more in other country parliament , than Indain Parliament because he rarely attends parliament. When he banned notes , he ran away from debate not able to face parliament . To this day there is not a single press conference to face media . His all Man ki bath are one way . He is basically one way person . What he says other people have to listen and follow. Entire set of BJP ministers and MPS have become slave apprentices . Ministers praise day in and day out to kke..."
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"I hope Shahid kapoor's Bank Balance is Ok"
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"yet again C7 is compared with Oneplus 3T. Looks like the person who wrote this article, doesn't have basic knowledge of mobile phones. How Oneplus 3T, which runs on top notch SOC 825 can be compared with C7 which runs on mid range SOC 625. First SOC should match to compare. Not just screen size or price. There are too many phones including Mi Redmi Note 4, Moto G, etc which are of this range."
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"@varun: Use qBittorrent client. It has builtin search options. You'll get everything what you want."
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