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"I am so in love with all your recipes"
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"Leave him alone, he is very good man"
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"@Aapka: you are a third grade person from the peaceful community with a lot of hatred for modi. the world is acknowledging the arrival of a global leader, but you and you whole lot have nothing else to say than snort. Keep snorting you pig"
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"Yea of course, all the money launderers and corrupts should be handled with kids glove, as many high profile people from all walks of life are into it. Shekhar Gupta rightly pitching for the same, as he and his cronies are from the same fraternity. So in nutshell what he is saying is, if you mistreat a corrupt Indian, the morale of India will go down. Great!!"
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"This woman received the award in 1986. Her book was translated into many languages by the Sahitya Academy and she took all the profits from its sales. Its gross hypocrisy to return the award and not all the benefits. As many comments say, she didn't display the same conscience when non-muslims suffered during Kashmiri Pandits genocide and 1984 Sikh massacre. Absolutely disgraceful and shameless."
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