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"This is an easy and unique way to cook !"
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"This was quite possibly the best sandwich I've ever had"
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"We can not get consenses even in our family of 4, and this is a group of 48 nations. The membership was really difficult, but I must say that Modi have guts and courage to fight for this. He has done the great job to try."
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"@DIVAKAR: Here the bjp and its other organizations trying t o create public anger and trying to show to the courts that it is the public demand to punish that family and as per the public opinion it has to be riled out. Thats simple equation bjp trying to not only implement and justify about lynching a man but also slowly bringing there hindu agenda into force. This is going to be a disaster for our country,already self defense camps have started."
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"I don't know if he is good enough but without experience no company will give deputy role and the same applies to government which comes with greater responsibility."
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