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"Dear Health & Family Welfare of India

I am 37 years old and live in Seattle Washington USA. I run my own business - which is a housecleaning business. In the summer of 2014, my husband and I were researching our options for surrogacy after three failed pregnancies. Surrogacy is legal in the USA but the cost of surrogacy in the USA is four times the cost of the average American's yearly income. As such, we cannot afford surrogacy in the USA.

After reading the book, The Baby Chase, we contacted a surrogacy agency in India and in Jan of 2015, we went to Mumbai where I underwent IVF treatment. Against what my US doctors told me would be possible, at the end of my two weeks of injections, our surrogacy agency in India froze 9 healthy embryos for us.

Though my husband and I have been together for 13 years, marriage wasn't an important thing for us. But after researching India's surrogacy rules, & learning that we needed to be married for two years before proceeding with finding a surrogate in India, we got married in July of 2014.

Up until three days ago, we were counting down the days until July 25th 2016, when our marriage would reach two years and we could start for having a child. My heart is broken right now after hearing what you are doing to ban surrogacy. I have spent this weekend in tears.

India currently has 9 of my embryos. I ask you: what can I do now to save my embryos? Now that you have banned surrogacy, what can I do? I ask that you please let those of us who have already begun steps to have a child in India be allowed to continue. The manner in which you have halted surrogacy is very painful. Please tell me what I can do now and what you have put in place for those of us that have already invested our time, our money, our hearts and our hope into surrogacy in India.

I must also say: on many levels, I disagree with this ban. I think that surrogacy in India gives rural woman an opportunity to make money. Banning surrogacy is not a solution to any problem. Banning just sweeps it under the rug, represses women into the black market, shames women further - all under the false guise of "protecting rural women". We need to regulate not revoke. Surrogate mothers are a blessing to women that cannot carry children and the work surrogate mothers do is honorable beyond words.

I kindly ask, again, to please reconsider this ban. And instead allow surrogacy to continue in a way that insures surrogates are paid appropriately and that they are cared for during their pregnancy and through their post-pregnancy recovery. Instead of banning surrogacy, please consider raising the cost of surrogacy so that the proper care is insured. And, finally, please consider the international parents that have begun surrogacy in India already and allow us to fulfill our dream of having a child.

Gea Bassett"

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