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"Thank you ! It was perfect"
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"@Vidya Shenoy: We are india not singapore , its indian way for demonetization. I think nobody commit this type of stupid things in singapore because their leaders are forwarding looking than ours.

Anyway if banks have colluded with businessman why anybody from these banks are not in jail, this is also responsibility of the government who is using such a drastic exercise like demonetization."
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"We are common citizen and have no right to really complaint about Modiji moves as he is always right and will be always right in the future, may be some people like us tell the government to solve the common problem instead of giving us bold and unnecessary moves , which really solves nothing.

We should pay our taxes on time but should not expect good roads, schools , medical and old age benefits.

We should declare whatever we have to government and than that data will be used for variety of ..."
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"Now Ban currency making way to USA ....strange"
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"Thank you so so so very much. He looks absolutely divine. Where the hell is he hiding in USA???"
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