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"Because, the entire episode is Engineered by Naam Tamilar Mr.Seeman, and the future leader of Tamil Nadu."
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"When Sundar and IIT Guys will make better India? but the world knows most of this guys are making America Better!! Fate of India, this is called Indian Education corruption."
 3 years ago | Permalink
"Well done!! Trump Ji, next must be dissolution of NATO for the world peace."
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"@Indian 1947: Still your mind is in 1947! US wants more arms trade with India by creating problem between countries, and this is the fact."
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"Genuine Decision. I think very soon, there will be dynamic changes in the world, including possible of further EU countries exit and NATO regroup/ split. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel has said recently, Berlin can't count on the US, and the EU is incapable of defending itself and EU can't rely on the transatlantic partnership with the US to deal with external threats."
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