Vijay Raghavan Raman

Commented 5 years ago
"It is sad that there are some so called journos and intellectuals who always SURVIVE on blaming and criticising Narendra Modi for years. That too for some death or some conversions or reconversions or violence in any part if the nation without applying any sense of application of mind. Yes the culprit must be punished severely, no second opinion about that. BUT this person will blame Modi for that? Where was SHE when so many murders took place during the horrible miserable ten years of UPA government ? Did she have the same show of aggression against the sleeping PM or the Shadow PM on regular basis? Double Standards, just laughable. I would have appreciated if she had displayed responsible journalism of regular push on nabbing the culprits till severe punishment but without even knowing who is behind this murder, to blame none other than PM is questionable intention. What if this was a 'set up' murder by some of the corrupt opposition parties just to bring this kind of damage to PM reputation? Coz there are out these types of so called 'straight forward unbiased' journos to spread the negativity."

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