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"and how is this vegetarian?"
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"the best way to send a message across multiple platform by not keeping an electronic record and without it being traceable to sender is app called mConfide.

very time you send a message through chat apps like Whatsapp or post on Facebook, an electronic record gets created and it exists for infinity.

Do you fear that your private messages through which you have expressed your feelings or have shared confidential business information can be misused by the recipient? Your messages can be stored,..."
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"What a load of rubbish. Seems like this author is a console fanboy hence twisting the facts to make the console experience with fifa 16 seem like the better deal.

I caught your lie when you said that "we noticed visible tearing in the game's cut-scenes and replays which took away from the immersion to an extent. Capping the frame rate to 60fps did little to rectify this."

When you cap the framerate to 60, there should be no screen tearing, zero....nada! stop lying to people a..."
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