Commented 4 years ago
"What a load of rubbish. Seems like this author is a console fanboy hence twisting the facts to make the console experience with fifa 16 seem like the better deal.

I caught your lie when you said that "we noticed visible tearing in the game's cut-scenes and replays which took away from the immersion to an extent. Capping the frame rate to 60fps did little to rectify this."

When you cap the framerate to 60, there should be no screen tearing, zero....nada! stop lying to people and because of this you dont have any comments on your articles because you have zero credibility because of articles like this.

I have a ps4 and a pc, and i dare you to test fifa 16 on pc running at max settings at 4k along with your ps4 running the same game on a similar tv or monitor and if you still dont see a big difference in graphics then you're blind!

This post is 7 months old so i wouldn't contest your claim that the game crashed while running but i can tell you, right now you just download the game and play it without any errors. There are no errors to be had.

Also, if you dont know how to download and install games on the pc then you shouldn't use the pc for gaming anyways."

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