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"the best way to send a message across multiple platform by not keeping an electronic record and without it being traceable to sender is app called mConfide.

very time you send a message through chat apps like Whatsapp or post on Facebook, an electronic record gets created and it exists for infinity.

Do you fear that your private messages through which you have expressed your feelings or have shared confidential business information can be misused by the recipient? Your messages can be stored, screen shots can be clicked or can be read by persons other than the recipient.

mConfide allows you to communicate digitally with same level of privacy and secrecy as your own thoughts or feelings.


-Allows you to encrypt your message before sending. This means there is "no record of content".

-Messages self destruct in 7 seconds ensuring that "no electronic history" is maintained.

-Messages are read in neutral screen where no sender information is displayed. this ensures there is "no traceability" to user.

- Can be used to send messages across platforms such as whatsapp,facebook, skype, email, etc.

- No need for recipient to have mConfide installed.

When you express your feelings about some one or discuss about your co-workers, relatives or share confidential business information, your messages are private, do not allow those to be misused.

So what are you waiting for, download mconfide for free and express yourself "freely, confidently....digitally""

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