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"I made this exactly as written and it was perfect !"
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"Why no public display? Why the rush to cremate?"
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"Seriously Boney alone broke open Jumeriah Emirates Towers's strong bathroom door?"
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"Seriously this is botched up by Kapoor family. Do you think Sridevi takes dinner after 11pm? Why did Boney leave her behind for 3-4 days at Dubai? Really, is she surprised to see her husband for 20 years?

The fact is the actress committed suicide."
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"Seems like patanjali is going to launch a cough syrup out of gauu-mutr mixed with baba ramdevs phlegm...coz it has divine powers...but we have to be sure its phlegm only..;) in case baba feels naughty and want bhakts to have a taste of babas ecstatic moments..hahaha"
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