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"YES. Shame on people for sure who REALLY did that. The case of ANUSHKA can be a genuine one. But then don't let this become the rule that wmen commit serious crimes along with their husband. And in the end just put a false case of molestation or trolling on others to hide their own wrong doings.

Why this selective behavior. If two innocent individuals are in really suffering a lot, like me and my mother . Then u even after being a women have no time for audience with us. But if some celeb goes ..."
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"Once there was a small town boy named Prateek . He lost her father too early in life, he became critically ill as well very early in life. And because of his illness he kept on to himself all the time. Because of these all reasons he became different, very different. His prospective about everything changed because of the disease, the suffering , the loneliness he had.

Because of his loneliness he came to the on line world as he was on bed rest. Now he started to attract a lot of eye balls as h..."
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"BTW "MEin LAHORE Naheen hoohn" My "Prateek bhatia Hoohn" this is what i am trying to say and explain."
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"Madam , please read my facebook mssgs to you on your official facebook id and reply on an urgent basis.U can also read my tweets from this id on my personal page to verify my identity.Thanks."
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