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"So tasty !!!"
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"Very nice !"
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"A very interesting way to use milk to make sweets this way !"
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"@Ramakrishna Ps: So you suggesting government should have come forward and debated on DeMo in parliament for couple of years, giving press releases, asking opinions and then one fine day giving notices to people that "Folks, from next year, we are going to demonetise"
It is an democratically elected government, not that it is bought over from Mars.I agree that it caused pains to people and it is definately on teh people to either support the governemnt or punish it. And goin by..."
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"Yes, indeed. Good thing is that after a "Policy Paralysis" period of so many years, there are some decisions.
Indian citizens understand the importance of the same. Decisions may fail or achieve the goal partially or fully. Both GST and DeMo has been hailed by majority of financial experts (not associated with previous regime directly or indirectly) as crucial and path breaking step which shall have shorter pain but longer gains.
Because of several years of mismanagement, I am..."
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