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"Ask them to reduce the RAM usage in their Android phones also. Recently I took an Android phone with 3 GB ram and installed just minimal apps like WhatsApp, etc - 5 Apps altogether and it shows that I am consuming 2 GB or RAM and just 1 GB RAM is free. All the apps which I loaded are consuming 0.5 GB of RAM and Android OS is consuming 1.5 GB of RAM - What a disgrace...

iOS and Windows have far better RAM management."
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"Good article. Lot of unknown facts have been brought out. Power generation using Nuclear reactors is always a tricky subject. As coal is a limited resource lot of countries are trying to shift nuclear although there are lot of concerns in their countries too, like how to handle nuclear waste, safety issues after Japan's Fukushima incident, etc. Knocking the doors of NSG for entry is a futile exercise which the current Govt should have foreseen as there are quite a few countries like South Africa..."
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