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Would Abhishek make a great news anchor on NDTV?

Chat with Abhishek Bachchan:

Dr. Roy: Now to be one of the biggest stars who pretends to work. I've heard now Abhishek that you just relax most of the time.....Shocking!
Abhishek Bachan: I enjoy kicking back and talking to you Dr. Roy that's what I do predominantly Dr. Roy. All of it is just media generated.

Dr. Roy: Tell me it's been a great year for you debut as a producer in Paa and now a TV Show. First, what was it like to be a producer? Were you detached from it or did you interfere? What did you like?
Abhishek Bachchan: Yeah. No I wasn't detached at all. Actually my training and foundation in the industry is in production. When I left college and came back to help my dad in ABCL I was put into production..... It came really naturally to me. It was the first time I was acting and producing.So it was fine you know. I believe that a producer's job finishes once the film goes on the floors. I mean if you have done your pre-production work then everything will go smoothly. Thankfully by the grace of God everything went off smoothly.My film had a budget of 15 crores. We ended up grossing 60 crores today. So we are very happy.

Dr. Roy: You know Abhishek the secret about all TV reporters and anchors and everybody is to be on the big screen really. Now you are coming down to our level you are doing this TV Show. This is really a come down right?
Abhishek Bachan: I don't look upon it as coming down and I blame you for it Sir. My debut in television was as a news anchor on NDTV infact. So oh.. in 2005 I took over the news for half an hour.... for half an hour. So you are to blame !

Dr Roy: Let me tell you. We offered you a job and you just rejected us out of hand. It was like..
Abhishek Bachan: At that point of time yeah.. I wasn't confident enough but 5 years down the line I think I have mustered up my confidence now. I am ready now you know if my next few films don't work I am going to be coming.

Dr Roy: Fantastic! we are waiting for you. Now tell me the switch to television.Do you enjoy it you know it's a big change

Abhishek Bachan: Immensely immensely.I mean the first few episodes that we've already shot have been great It's so interactive that it's wonderful and you get to be yourself which is scaring at first and then you get comfortable here. So far our audience is only acquainted and know us only through our character nobody actually knows Abhishek Bachchan per say. Through the show and through television I get an oppurtunity to exhibit and you know show the world who I am and what I am and I have a lot of fun and in the bargain you make some money for them.

Dr Roy: Love those pictures behind you. Tell me was it weird in Paa to play father to your father. Were you tough?
Abhishek Bachan: Actually it wasn't weird when you were doing it because at that point of time you are an actor.You know you are just essaying a role and you just and the reason I took on the job was because I didn't think I would be getting an opportunity like this again I mean how do you get to play your father's father and share the same screen with him.I think it was a role I couldn't let go.The confusion is right now actually because I can't like the idea that I played his father and so got to bully him around. So now since the film got over I still try to play his father. Unfortunately he ends up pulling ..rank on me. So there is a bit of ego clash going on at home right now.

Dr Roy: Ok. Now one is with your father and the next film Ravan is with your wife Aishwariya Rai. Now did you bully your wife Aishwariya Rai during the course of the film?
Abhishek Bachchan: As all married men will know there's very little you can do after marriage to bully your wife after marriage. It kind of works the other way round.

Dr Roy: ok. Everybody has to ask this question. You did once say that you like to be a politician right ?
Abhishek Bachchan: I don't have to be a politician but I played a politician once and I am pretty happy doing that in Paa. I played a politician thankfully successfully so I am happy. No I don't understand Politics and don't think I am built for Politics I am an actor I have a tough enough time for that I think I will stick to that.

Dr Roy: You know when you say you are very lackadaisical and you like to change it. Many of us see it as a kind of relaxed air. just because of that you know after your performance reading the news you always have a jog waiting for you at ndtv. You know that?
Abhishek Bachan: Thank You so much. Yes I will be there very soon. Barkha watch out I am coming! 10 years ago

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