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Tech trends of 2010.
Tech Trend Predictions 2010. Do add tech trends and others to this list as also tell me your most awaited gadget of 2010.

1. Smartbooks may kill Netbooks and notebooks. Instant on and all day battery life will become commonplace.

2. The great tablet question will finally be solved. Apple will make or break this segment.

3. The OS as a backbone to all things and all devices will start to seem completely irrelevant.

4. Smartphones will move to much larger screens, but will become too big and unwieldy, 4 to 4.5 inch screens will wow, then become commonplace and ...more9 years ago

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Soumya Raghu : 1 month ago
Hi, Can you please suggest the best smart phone for senior citizen with not so good hearing capability
Priyesha Koriya : 5 months ago
Please help me. How can I recover permanently deleted photos.I can't get them back.Please help me s...more

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