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1. Kyoto still alive
2. Twin track still there
3. Assembly of world leaders; and efforts they made shows high level concern about climate change
4. Copenhagen Accord shows some narrowing of differences in critical areas like MRV.
5. India protected "red lines"
6. Broad goals- like 2 degree target- have been set


*Very few concrete steps or policies.
* No legally binding treaty
* No fresh commitments on emission cuts by developed world
* Only marginal movement from stated positions
* we couldn't tie down a binding agreement even in areas like REDD
*"taking note" is not the same as "adopting"

Btw, pls note that some of the lack of ambition in the document is because WE apparently wanted it that way -- such as no definite peaking year targets, absence of a numerical figure for an overall cut and so on.

One of the Indian negotiators told me off record, "I'm not sure we EVER want a new legally binding treaty, because it could move us away from Kyoto and Bali Action Plan"

You may or may not agree with India's stated position on this (personally I'm not sure that I do) But that's what it is! 10 years ago

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