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Vikram Chandra

Know all men by these presents, that we, the undersigned, Vikram Chandra and his proximate kin

hereinafter known as the Wishors,

(which expression specifically excludes other heirs, successors, and assigns)

do hereby covenant with the recipient of this greeting, hereinafter referred to as the Wishee,

(which expression shall include spouse, partner, significant other, and family within the generally accepted sense of the term)

That the Wishors, jointly and severally, hereby convey, free to all, without monetary consideration present or future, their best wishes for this holiday season; including Christmas, Chanukha, Winter Solstice, New Year, etc., but not exclusive of any other titled festival normally associated with these calendar dates (or any other calendars in use by other societies).

These wishes are offered by the Wishors with no obligations, implicit or implied by any section or clause herein, to the Wishee/Wishees.

May all Wishees enjoy a politically correct, carbon conscious, gender neutral, socially responsible, religiously tolerant, non-substance abusive, racially and ethnically unbiased, low-stress, low-fat, trans-fat free, celebration of this holiday season in accordance with those traditions of the religious persuasion and secular practices of their choice, without excluding those who adhere to non-religious, commercially oriented beliefs.

Wishors also offer their wishes to Wishees for a fiscally responsible, spiritually fulfilling, mood elevating, and medically uncomplicated onset of the generally accepted commencement of the Gregorian calendar year 2010 Anno Domini, but also without excluding those following the Julian calendar, and in general inclusive of those following the generally accepted calendar use of their societal environs.


All wishes are offered without guarantees (stated or unstated) to all Wishees regardless of race, gender, religious faith, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation, dietary or beverage preferences, or ethnic origins, and with all due respect to those of all cultures whose contributions to society built this great nation, without implying that any other culture or country is in any way inferior.

Acceptance of these wishes implies acceptance by the Wishee of all terms and conditions stated herein.
Wishes are subject to change, clarification or withdrawal by Wishors without prior notice to Wishees.
Wishes are freely transferable without license or permission provided no alteration is made to original wishes.
Wishes imply no promise or obligation or legally enforceable commitment by or of the Wishors to actually implement said wishes.
Wishes are warranted by Wishors within the customary validity of said wishes for a period of one year (twelve consecutive months) or until the issuance of a subsequent wish, whichever comes first.
Warranty is limited to replacement of wish.
In witness thereof, signature affixed by the Wishors on this thirty first day of December, 2009, in the presence of the witnesses. 10 years ago

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