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Vikram Chandra

The comments posted by Shahrukh Khan on Twitter

feel awful that balasahib & udhav have misconstrued my words. the reactions of the sena workers seems to make me believe that.

i have never hurt anybody's sentiments..religious,nationalist or personal wittingly. i am pro relationships but not at cost of my nation.

writing not to justify but to spell out clearly who i am & my beliefs. seems otherwise i am misunderstood. should i write in block letters ?

dont want mayhem anger and violence cos of our beautiful film...which talks about repairing a bruised & divided world.

i may not have the same ideologies as the sena but on the question of me being a patriot, i dont think there should be any confusion.

i hope my tweets (using the word first time) clear this cloud of confusion. i hope peace prevails & the city is at rest.

nobody wants the mumbaikers or their property hurt & destroyed. least of all me.

this also is the last time i clarify or say anything on this topic. this is not a justification, its just reiterating the facts. 10 years ago

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