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Tonight at 8: The Last Order: As Kerala aims to go liquor-free by 2025, we debate whether prohibition is the answer to alcohol abuse. 5 years ago

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Rk Handa : 5 years ago
Yes,whole country..as one model
Dinesh Singh : 5 years ago
Prohibition only in one state will not serve the real intention behind such move in Kerala as Keralites ...more
Maureen O’Connell : 5 years ago
Every state should adopt Kerala model and I'm totally in support of this model.
Dinesh Singh : 5 years ago
Prohibition only in Kerala is no answer to alcohol abuse unless it is implemented in its adjoining area...more
Kishore Dattani : 5 years ago
Why are high % alcohol beers sold in India? Why not promote low % alcohol beers with good taste not prom...more

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