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On WTP: As government moves to outlaw commercial surrogacy we debate: Rent-a-womb -Free Will or the Mandate of Poverty? 4 years ago

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Skepticalindian : 4 years ago
More laws to curtail freedom. If there is a contract between two consenting adults to bring life into th...more
Sini Rao : 4 years ago
You are DISGRACING the word WOMEN of India?
Gead : 4 years ago
Dear Health & Family Welfare of India

I am 37 years old and live in Seattle Washington USA.
I kindly ask, again, to please reconsider this ban. And instead allow surrogacy to continue in a way that insures surrogates are paid appropriately and that they are cared for during their pregnancy and through their post-pregnancy recovery. Instead of banning surrogacy, please consider raising the cost of surrogacy so that the proper care is insured. And, finally, please consider the international parents that have begun surrogacy in India already and allow us to fulfill our dream of having a child.

Gea Bassett" />

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